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Funkẹ is a multinternational award-winning Filmmaker & Photographer from the UK. Although not from a traditional film background, her passion for visual storytelling transcends mediums, and focuses on stories that challenge and inspire. Her short films have screened at festivals globally, including at BAFTA and Oscar-Qualifying festivals.

Funkẹ's first narrative short film, 'Hatima', was funded by Bumble’s inaugural Female Film Force competition. She is the first and only UK winner of the International Emmys' JCSI Young Creatives Award for her poetry film, 'P.E.A.C.E. — a Spoken Word'. 'Stepping Stones' won the Sumbissions Director Choice Award at the 2021 FilmOneFest. Funkẹ wrote and directed her magical-realism short film, 'Everything's Fine', which premiered on BBC4's Antholgy programme “Screengrabbed Too…”, and is currently available on BBC online platforms.

Funkẹ has participated in a number of talent schemes including FLEX (Screen Yorkshire/SIGN), Director Training Scheme (BFI Film Hub North/NFTS Leeds), Momentum (We Are Parable/Channel4), Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, New Creatives (BBC Arts/Arts Council England), Other Cinemas Film Collective, and most recently Edinburgh TV Festival's 'The Network' 2023.

She has been invited for membership at BAFTA Connect, Directors UK and WFTV.

Everything's Fine (2021)

An empathetic young woman takes on the worries and stresses of those around her.

Genre: drama, magical-realism

Runtime: 5 mins

Director/Writer: Funke Alafiatayo

Producer: Naomi Ayres (Square Cherry Productions)

Cast: Ade Ajibade, Shereener Browne, Daniel Vusumuzi, Antonia Veitch

NEW CREATIVES is supported by Arts Council England x BBC Arts and delivered by Tyneside Cinema in the North. Available on BBC platforms soon. Currently submitted to festivals.


  • BBC4 Programme: 'Screengrabbed Too...BBC Introducing Arts'
  • 30th PanAfrican Film Festival 2022 - Oscar-qualifying festival
  • 25th Black Women Film Network 2022
  • NollywoodWeek Paris Film Festival 2022
  • World Cinema Film Festival 2022
  • Sunderland Film Festival 2022
  • HOME’s Filmed Up 2022
  • African Film Festival 2022
  • Diversity in Cannes Short Film & Web Series Showcase (out-of-competition)
  • Kino Short Film: "The People's Film Festival" 2022 (semi-finalist)
  • Women X Film Festival 2022 (honours list)
  • BBC4 Programme: 'Screengrabbed Too...BBC Introducing Arts'

HATIMA (2019)

A young woman's life is rocked by the discovery of a suspicious bag.

Genre: narrative drama

Runtime: 10 mins

Co-Directors: Funke Alafiatayo & Damilola Babalola

Writer: Louise Ogunnaike

Producers: Shey Osibowale & Holly Carrington

Cast: Adelaide Obeng, Angela Griffin, Philip Barantini, Nikita Potter

Funded by BUMBLE's inaugural Female Film Force to empower 5 female filmmaking teams.


  • Underwire Film Festival 2019 (Nom: Producing) – BAFTA-qualifying festival
  • British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) 2019 – BIFA-qualifying festival
  • Women of the Lens Film Festival 2019
  • FilmedUP Screening 2021 (HOME Mcr x We Are Parable)
  • Special Screening, The Ritzy Brixton 2022 (alongside BAFTA-nominated 'The Ballad of Olive Morris')

P.E.A.C.E. – a spoken word (2019)

This short spoken word film challenges the viewer to take one minute to consider how their small actions could make a massive impact in the world.

Genre: poetry, experimental, micro-short

Runtime: 1 min

Writer/Director/Performer: Funke Alafiatayo

Created to spark a global conversation about peace, it is one of 3 winning films of the 2019 International Emmy's JCSI Young Creatives Award in New York. Currently the first and only UK Winner.


  • International Emmy's [WIN: JCSI Young Creatives Award 2019]
  • International Video Poetry Festival 2020
  • HOME's FilmedUP 2020
  • FilmOneFest 2020

stepping stones (2021)

An introspective reflection of lessons learnt over time, and explores the messiness of growth.

Genre: poetry, experimental, micro-short

Runtime: 1 min 30secs

Director/Writer: Funke Alafiatayo


  • FilmOneFest 2022 [WIN: Submissions Director Choice Award]
  • London Rocks Film Festival 2022
  • Watch Africa Cymru: Wales’ African Film Festival 2022
  • Cadence Video Poetry Festival 2022
  • MicroActs Artist Film Screening 2022
  • Madrid International Film Festival 2021

TEXT BACK (2020)

A girl struggles to construct the perfect reply to a text message. A simple question does not always mean a simple answer...

Genre: comedy, micro-short

Runtime: 1 min 30secs

Director/Writer: Funke Alafiatayo


  • Papaya Rocks Film Festival 2021 (NOM: Best Micro-Short)
  • Trì Rivers Film Festival 2021
  • Blackbird Film Festival 2021
  • Lift-Off Global Network 2021
  • Deptford Cinema Film Festival 2021
  • Alternative AltFF Film Festival 2020 (1st RUNNER UP: Best Quarantine film)
  • Couch Film Festival 2020 (NOM: Best Actress)
  • Under The Stars International Film Festival 2020


collaborations and other mediums


The Coronet Theatre

Type: Trailer

Role: DOP

Dir: Matthew Bartlett

Type: Promotional

Role: DOP & Editor

Prod. Co.: VAGUE Digital x Entertainment One


(coming soon)

Type: Short Doc

Role: DOP & Editor

Prod. Co.: VAGUE Digital


JCSI YCA Winners Collaboration

Type: Experimental Short

Role: Writer/Narrator & Cast

Prod. Co.: JCS International

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MOMENTUM 2022 (We Are Parable x Channel4)







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